Wealth Management

Portfolio Strategy Group

Designed to support our Investment Advisors and Portfolio Managers (PMs).

The Portfolio Strategy Group produces and distributes a variety of informative reports, keeping our team and clients abreast of the economy and the markets – on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Staffed by a team of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), the team has the experience and the credentials needed as a value add for our advisory teams.

They provide advisors with a valuable resource for assisting with portfolio management and making more timely and informed decisions about their clients’ investments.

In addition, the team manages several internal model portfolios that advisors can replicate for clients or access through our Internally Managed Program. We design each model to provide a professionally managed portfolio, employing a rigorous and thorough due diligence process in their design and management. 

Several of our Portfolio Managers run distinct investment models, which our Portfolio Strategy oversees. The added layer of supervision and oversight ensures our PMs adhere to a disciplined mandate and deliver the performance our clients expect.

PI Financial Corp. is now Ventum Financial Corp.

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