Investment Banking

Debt Capital Markets

Ventum is the only independent CIRO dealer with a dedicated Debt Capital Markets team. We assist our clients in optimizing their finances by obtaining the best sources of debt and achieving the best transaction structures and terms. Our team has detailed knowledge and insight across the debt markets, including corporate debt, leveraged finance, structured finance, and real estate finance. 

Ventum’s Debt Capital Markets team works closely with mid-market issuers across all sectors to raise public debt capital, including first-time issuers and those with complex situations. We offer strong structuring and distribution capabilities in high-yield bonds, structured note offerings and other bespoke fixed-income solutions. We oversee identifying the proper deal structure, offering format and marketing strategy to optimize deal execution. 

We have a highly experienced fixed-income sales and trading desk helping corporate issuers raise debt funds. Our team has strong relationships with many institutional debt investors which helps us in marketing new-issue transactions.

PI Financial Corp. is now Ventum Financial Corp.

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