Community Engagement

Ventum Foundation

At Ventum, we are deeply committed to contributing positively to our communities and fostering a better future for all. The Ventum Foundation embodies our collective dedication to making a meaningful impact through focused philanthropy.

Foundation Mandate

The Ventum Foundation is mandated to collect funds and allocate them to vetted charities, adhering to the rules and regulations set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Ventum commits to contributing to the foundation with a cap, utilizing a matching format at national, branch-wide, and individual levels.

Ventum’s Annual Impact Day

A cornerstone of Ventum’s commitment is the Annual Impact Day. Employees are invited to nominate charities meeting specific criteria for consideration. A review committee shortlists three charities, and staff participate in an information call featuring presentations from each charity and nominator. After the presentations, everyone votes to choose the recipient of Impact Day fundraising.

Impact Day 2023 Highlights

In 2023, Impact Day took place on Thursday, October 5th, raising over $63,000 for our chosen recipient, Hope for Dementia. The funds were sourced from Ventum’s various business lines, team member donations, a silent auction, and in-office events. Hope for Dementia is a federal non-profit charitable organization dedicated to safeguarding healthy brains in the aging population by supporting prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of dementia and cognitive disorders.

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