Portfolio Strategy Group

Managed Accounts

Advisor-Managed Accounts

For those desiring a fully personalized managed portfolio, our Portfolio Managers collaborate closely with clients to craft a customized Investment Policy Statement and portfolio tailored to meet specific objectives and risk tolerances. This personalized approach empowers clients to implement constraints aligned with their preferences, avoiding certain investments that may not suit their needs.

Internally-Managed Program

The Portfolio Strategy Group professionally manages various internal portfolios that are available in a managed discretionary account through the Internally Managed Program.

We provide each portfolio with a comprehensive Description and Disclosure Document that outlines the Portfolio Manager’s specific investment objective and approach. Our clients receive regular reporting and reviews from their dedicated Investment Advisor or Portfolio Manager to ensure transparency and informed decision-making. 

Externally-Managed Program

Ventum Financial’s Externally Managed Program gives clients access to Canada’s leading money managers, who offer proprietary institutional investment mandates that are usually reserved for ultra-high-net-worth investors.

This program grants clients direct ownership of investments, personalized direction and choice, and many tax efficiencies. 

If you do not have an account with Ventum Financial and would like to speak to an Investment Advisor or Portfolio Manager to learn more about our internal and external professionally managed portfolios, contact us today.

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