Rick Bekkering

Senior Investment Advisor

Rick Bekkering is an Investment Advisor at Ventum Financial Corp.

Rick’s mission is to provide personalized investment solutions to his clients, based on their unique risk tolerance and financial goals. From guiding clients through initial conversations to the final portfolio selection and monitoring, Rick’s attention to detail ensures that each client receives tailored advice.

With over 25 years of experience as a licensed Investment Advisor, Rick’s diverse background in hosting AM talk shows, working with Michael Campbell’s Money Talks and speaking at investment seminars in Western Canada has equipped him with the skills to effectively communicate with clients. His investment advisory service is anchored in effective communication, ensuring that his clients understand their investment options and feel confident in their decisions.

Rick’s clients entrust him with their investments, and he places a strong emphasis on earning and maintaining their trust. Drawing on his experience as a Board Member of one of BC’s most successful credit unions, as well as ongoing training and over twenty years of market experience, Rick provides expert advice that clients can rely on.

Institutions can rely on Rick for timely execution of account priorities, no matter how complex or difficult the situation or foreign market may be. Similarly, individuals can expect Rick to work with them every step of the way. From tailored portfolios of stocks and bonds, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds to fixed income and competitive GIC rates, Rick offers a diverse range of options to help clients achieve their investment goals.

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