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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a crucial component of a comprehensive financial plan, shielding clients from a significant loss of income due to severe medical conditions. Ventum Insurance Services offers tailored insurance solutions for both personal and business needs. We assess client requirements and recommend the right products, ensuring financial protection during challenging times.

Key Benefits:

Protection When Clients Need It Most:
  • Guard against a loss of income or business disruption caused by a serious illness such as heart attack, stroke, or cancer.
  • Tailored insurance plans to meet personal and business circumstances.
Financial Security Amidst Risks:
  • Receive a tax-free lump sum payment upon diagnosis of a qualified illness, easing the financial burden.
  • Benefit amounts ranging from $25,000 to $2,000,000, catering to individual needs.
Consider the Stats:
  • 9 in 10 Canadians have at least one risk factor for heart disease and stroke.
  • Over 400,000 Canadians live with the effects of stroke.
  • An estimated 2 in 5 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Why Ventum Critical Illness Insurance?

Protect Income:
  • Safeguard against potential income loss, covering living expenses, mortgage payments, and future savings.
Cover Medical Costs:
  • Assist with non-covered treatments or expenses like home modifications, medical devices, in-home care, and special services.
Enhance Recovery Process:
  • Ensure financial support during recovery, allowing adequate time without the pressure to return to work prematurely.

For Business Owners:

Sole Owner Protection
  • Hire help, cover out-of-country medical treatment expenses, or retire earlier if facing a critical illness.
Key Person Coverage:
  • Mitigate business income loss by hiring replacements or covering productivity declines in case of illness.
Funding for Buy-Sell Agreements:
  • Secure business continuity by allowing partners to buy out the other’s interest in the event of a career-ending critical illness.
Employee Benefits:
  • Include critical illness insurance in group life and health benefit plans, providing employees with added financial security.

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